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ATWIC:  Alliance for Transportation Working in Communities

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As a special program within the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC), The Alliance for Transportation Working in Communities (ATWIC) is committed to making certain the most vulnerable populations in the ten-county region have reliable and affordable access to services, jobs, medical care, grocery shopping, skills training, and places for social interaction.

In order to strengthen transportation access in SW PA, ATWIC relies on a coalition of stakeholders, which is referred to as The Alliance, for its expertise and willingness to bring about change in the regional transportation network, so that it meets the needs of ALL residents.

ATWIC’s mission, vision, and core functions serve as the program’s planning foundation and provide structure within and accountability to SPC.

The mission emphasizes not only ATWIC’s chief role as facilitator, but also the fundamental responsibility of The Alliance to collectively work toward the removal of transportation barriers facing the region’s low income individuals, persons with disabilities, and senior citizens.


Facilitate a robust regional forum to address transportation accessibility issues and develop new ideas and solutions to bring about meaningful change in people’s lives.

Wanting to ensure that services, jobs, medical care, grocery shopping, skills training, and places for social interaction are accessible to everyone, The Alliance aspires to the following vision and looks to ATWIC staff to facilitate and guide the group in this pursuit.


An integrated regional network of transportation services and facilities that provide measurable improvements for greater freedom of mobility for all.

Five core functions comprise the essential services that ATWIC provides to The Alliance and other agency partners.  Each of these functions essentially derive from the Southwestern Pennsylvania Public Transit - Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan (Coordinated Plan), which is a federally-mandated planning document developed in partnership by ATWIC and The Alliance.

          Core Functions
  • Provide a forum to discuss transportation accessibility and/or mobility with broad involvement from transportation providers, human service agencies, and the clients that rely on these services.
  • Act as a resource for advocacy through technical assistance and education and information.
  • Be a bridge between agencies, advocates, and decision makers.
  • Maintain and facilitate the coordinated transportation planning process.
  • Be a “champion for change” in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

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ATWIC Program Video Introduction

Kathy Stefani talks about SPC's ATWIC Program: its goals, and some recent activities.

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